Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation is a software based solution, that uses the technology tools,  to automate provisioning, installation, configurations of resources (such as Virtual Machines, clusters, load-balancers, virtual networks), management and other cloud related tasks. The primary goal is to automate of all repetitive manual tasks there by relieving the team to focus on other priority tasks.

Cloud automations can help in

Cloud automation provides benefits such as Cost savings (by efficiently managing resources/applications), faster innovation and increased control of the environment.

Case Studies

Digital Transformation of a leading Insuretech

Developed a custom solution that catered to different policy types demanded by partner companies

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Modernization of a monolithic application to cloud-native Micro Services

modernized an monolithic applications that facilitated overlapping functions of Quotes, Orders, Accounting, and management of user base including Customers, Agents and Vendors.

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Mobile App to improve seamless customer experience

Developed a mobile app on Xamarin to support both Android and IoS. With push notifications users have near real time status updates

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Cardless Cash Solution

Co-developed this solutions that enables participating banks and their customers to provide cash pay-out to individuals with a valid mobile at participating ATM’s,

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