Cloud Management

With customers running majority of the business on cloud, its very important to make sure that they get maximum returns on their cloud investment. If done in the right way, the cloud can provide major financial  and operational benefits to the customers. Cloud Management strategy is very important to achieve this goal

Cloud Management involves Manual/automated monitoring and control of the resources in the cloud. One cannot control the results, unless he has the full visibility into the entire cloud (infrastructure and applications). Managing and optimizing the cloud is the path for ensuring efficiency and guarantee maximum returns.

Every resource in the cloud should be periodically monitored for under-utilization, over-utilisation, idling and for compliance. As per the business goals, the proper control to be exercised for the above situations. The management tool should have the ability to select and assign appropriate resources to appropriate workloads. They have to proactive optimize their usage to ensure the resources are not wasted in the cloud

Use every tool provided by the cloud providers to monitor each and every parameter of the resources/applications and configure the appropriate alerts/notifications to take actions.

Cloud Security

Providing security to the resources, data and applications in the cloud is of paramount importance. A well designed security strategy will help minimize/mitigate the risks.

The main objective of the cloud security is to minimize the risks and ensure business continuity even in the face of an attack.

Cloud security includes

  1. Access control
  2. Security policy and strategies
  3. Redundancy
  4. Datacenter security
  5. Cloud application security
  6. Threat prevention, detection, and mitigation
  7. User security
  8. Network security
  9. Regulatory compliance
  10. Content security

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Mobile App to improve seamless customer experience

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Cardless Cash Solution

Co-developed this solutions that enables participating banks and their customers to provide cash pay-out to individuals with a valid mobile at participating ATM’s,

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