Client background:

TransUnion is the third largest Credit scoring agency in the world operating in multiple  countries.

Business Challenge

  • Upgrade dashboard-based Consumer credit management application by de-coupling the monolithic application and deploying it over private-cloud

  • To facilitate deployments across multiple Geographies and Partners (E.g. CIBIL) which needed resources with different skill set to analyze existing business rules and legal compliance.

Business Solution

  • Analysed existing MVC monolithic application in terms of services it exposed to the UI.

  • Developed a loosely coupled design using microservices  with following layers – UI using CMS, Business Core Services using Microservices, and ​Data Services using Microservices

  • Microservices were designed based on separation of concern.

  • Re-used the existing DAO implementation in the data services

  • Re-Used existing Business Classes in the Business Core Service

  • Used JPA (Java persistence API) to support different database across GEO


  • Microservices based loosely coupled architecture for various geographies was implemented

  • Microservices API versioning for different Geos

  • Country Specific CSS themes

  • Partner Configuration management using API’s for minimizing error & downtimes to add new partners

Business Benefits

  • Reduced development costs due to reusability of code across geographies

  • Ease of maintenance.

  • Quick turnaround time supporting multiple business changes

  • Increased revenues for customer with increased order conversion rate

  • CMS allowed flexibility in supporting diff languages based on Geo’s

  • UI used themes to support multiple GEO.

  • Using versioning methodology, Modified base version of Microservices API to support customization of any GEO.