Client background:

US Based Apparel player having approx. 150 outlets. It specializes in its own niche brand plus other brands. Has online as well as store based presence. They had an in-house Data Centre and Saksoft worked with them to identify areas of IT optimization, develop Cloud plans, and then migrate.

Business Challenge

  • Infrastructure and operations on premise were not stabilized, OPEX and CAPEX investments concerns, Absence of concrete IT and Cloud Roadmap

  • Lacked End to End architecture information and documentation about interdependencies between Applications, Infrastructure and Business

  • Indefinite delays in implementing changes, ever increasing CAPEX and OPEX, IT Productivity issues

  • No details available about the Technology stack and how IT can augment the Business

Business Solution

  • Performed a detailed discovery and assessment of IT and Business

  • Identified IT Optimization (Applications, Infrastructure and CAPEX/OPEX) areas

  • Developed a detailed Roadmap of Cloud Adoption on AWS, Azure & O365 using their advanced services

  • Propose a business case with cost benefits, along with possible technology solutions

  • IT Cloud Blueprint developed by Saksoft is now used as a baseline architecture document


  • Onsite and Offshore based SME involvement

  • Analyzed technology stack involving 20 applications and 50 plus Infrastructure instances

  • Developed a Roadmap with recommendations, Migration Strategy and 1/2/3 year plan

Business Benefits

  • Successfully delivered the assignment with cost benefits

  • Agreement reached to optimize the Applications from 20 to 8 and for Infrastructure from 50 plus on premise to 25 instances on AWS, Azure & O365

  • Best practices were suggested and To-Be design proposed

  • AWS Advanced Services like S3, RDS, FxS, HA/DR were proposed and designed

  • Phased wise migration strategy and roll out plan was highly appreciated. Phase 1 of O365 rollout already completed